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    Lisa Kennedy has been studying and making art for over 20 years. An accomplished painter her work is in many private collections. Lisa's current work embraces the sea. Large textured paintings on canvas and masonite reflecting the light and moodiness of the sea. Intricate antique turn of the century French frames contradict the subtlety and restraint conveyed in the peaceful yet powerful seascapes.

    The modern art movement has largely influenced Lisa's artistic journeys. Modern masters such as Joan Mitchell Franz Kline and Lee Krasner have influenced her series of black and white ink on vellum. The black and white works represent the many paths and roads on ones journey through life -- some tangled whilst others smooth and fluid. Her floral abstract compositions incorporate form and color abandoning all realistic consciousness during the creative process.

    Lisa Kennedy currently resides in Weston, Connecticut with her four children. She moved to Weston in 2002 when she bought and gracefully restored the Thomas Dimon House, an antique home built in 1850.

  • Lisa

    My journey in art has been mainly that of self exploration. Self discovery -- driven by an obsession and passion for art. My work is a very instinctive journey guided by where I have been, where I am now and where I am going. I have lived my life on intuition and instinct, my paintings are a reflection of this, painting is something that happens when I abandon all preconceived notion and pull from deep within. In my early twenties my summers were spent exploring art in the Hamptons. The light which had brought so many artists out to the southern tip of Long Island had found me.


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    Kennedy's paintings are interspersed throughtout a Connecticut Valley home designed by Interior Design award winner Lynne Scalo.

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  • HOME

    Lisa Kennedy's antique home and studio are featured in the April 2009 issue of Home. A photograph of her living room reflects her ecclectic style on the cover of this issue.

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    November 2009 Westport home designed by Lynne Scalo features many of Kennedy's paintings throughout this fresh and classic New England style home.

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    Lisa Kennedy's expressionist paintings are featured in this issue of atHome.

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